By partnering with the best credit partners in the market, we can simplify and secure sales between businesses.

The easiest way to sell to businesses

Offer your corporate customers purchase on invoice with interest-free trade credit.

Increase corporate sales

By offering a B2B solution through 2iZii, you increase the conversion rate and average order value, as up to 90% of businesses are credit approved.

Get paid immediately

When you have completed an order, you get paid - once a month or in installments. You choose! 2iZii also takes on credit and fraud risk through its partners.

Eliminate administration

Eliminate time-consuming tasks such as customer onboarding, credit checks, and ID verification. 2iZii takes care of it all. Plus, invoices are automatically collected and delayed payments are tracked.


Increases liquidity, reduces risk for your business, and provides your customers with flexibility by being able to postpone payment. The digital store combines everything in one place and makes it easy for your customers to shop from you.

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