Sell to your customers in your business, store, or online. By using the Digital Store and our platform, you can synchronize multiple sales channels into one solution.

We want it to be easy for your customers to shop with you. To succeed, it must be easy to complete the transaction no matter if you are in a business, store, or online. The Digitized Store takes care of this no matter where you or your customers are located.

Examples: You can improve liquidity by taking payment on the spot, for example, if you are a tradesperson like an electrician or plumber, and when the job is done, the customer pays for everything via a QR code. If you are a hairdresser, you can take payment for the service and products while the customer is in the chair. What if you can sell at a trade show or host a home party?

The digital store erases the boundaries between where you complete a transaction.

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