Digital store

Our Digital Store is designed to simplify commerce between your physical store and your online store by uniting them in one solution.

Imagine if you could sell from your store anywhere - on the bus, in the town square, at trade shows, market days, during home parties, or even let customers buy from your employees. You'll have a complete overview of who sells what and can reward them with commissions or other incentives.

Think about giving all employees a reason to promote the products in the store and being able to track the results (sales) for each individual employee. Everyone can sell products whenever and wherever they want to...

Discover new markets you didn't know existed or reach markets you've seen but haven't been able to tap into.

For example, is a hairdresser asked for advice outside of the salon?

? Provide advice and let them buy - the store is on their smartphone. Enter the order, proceed to payment, let the customer scan the QR code, and the product is paid for and ready for pickup or delivery.

Use the Digital Store in your physical store for staff checkout and self-service, use it as an online store and let customers shop easily, quickly, and seamlessly. Use it to market and sell individual products, solutions, services, or give customers a fast and easy way into the Digital Store.

Everything is solved through the use of our unique QR codes that give you that little extra edge.

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