Success factors for a Digitized store

What is important for you to shop online? What makes it easier for the customer to make the decision and complete the purchase?

  1. #Trade pattern
    • We want as few clicks as possible to find and pay for the product.
  2. #The way in
    • What if you could go directly to the payment of the product you want to buy? And from there go into the store to buy more products if you wish?
  3. #Customer focus
    • The store is designed for the customer to easily find the item, not for it to look fancy. For other information about the store, you can use a Landing page.
  4. #Independence
    • The employees, dealers or others can have their own Shop-in-Shop where all sales are registered to them, various reports are in the main store.
  5. #Flexibility
    • You have the shop and cash register with payment in your pocket. We make adaptations to different industries and what is important to you.
  6. #Innovation
    • Ties together the physical store with the traditional online store into a new and flexible solution in a Digitized store. Use it on a daily basis and complete the sale where you stand with the customer in the store (personnel check-out) or you can let the customer do it themselves and use it as a self-service checkout. Give the customer access to your or employee's/retailer's Digital store and use it as an online store if the customer does not have the opportunity to come to you or them.
  7. #Possibilities
    • Recurring sales, let the customer subscribe to goods through the Digital store.
  8. #Repurchase
    • Mark the item with a unique QR code which ensures that you always order the right item, e.g., filter for air cleaner, which is the right one for your air cleaner - scan the code, go straight to payment and you order the right item. Make additional sales, cross-selling, additional sales and new sales easily available.

We give small and medium-sized companies the option of a simple and visible sales channel at an affordable price.

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